UPDATED Summary of blood tests to date…


For those of you who might be interested in what things I’ve been tested for, and the results, here is an up-to-date list (as of April 4, 2014):

October:  Complete blood panel showed everything was “normal”–all organs were functioning as they should be, no anemia, my thyroid was not out of whack, my white blood cell count was fine…. I also had an Upper GI Fluoroscopy [stomach x-ray!] to check for any sign of ulcer–that showed no sign of anything ulcer-ish.

November:  Tested for mononucleosis, Lyme’s Disease, syphilis, and AIDS.  The results were all negative, although the test for mono did indicate that I had had it at some point in my life but that it was not a current infection.  Later tested for West Nile virus, along with doing a complete blood workup again.  Negative for West Nile, all other blood work still “normal.”

January:  Tested for connective tissue diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, others).  Results:  negative.

April:  Tested for levels of the following:  FSH, LH, prolactin, and cortisol (hormones); T3 and T4 (thyroid-related); vitamin B12 and D; and celiac disease.  All levels within the normal range, with the exception of vitamin D, the results for which have not come back yet.

Doctors seen:  My primary care doctor, Dr. David Church; an infectious disease specialist in Santa Fe, Dr. Michael Palestine; and Dr. Madhavi Garimella, an endocrinologist here in Los Alamos.

I am also seeing a psychologist here in Los Alamos, Dr. Diane Starkenburg.

Sometimes I feel pretty “doctor-ed out”!!  

The current “best diagnosis” is that this was all brought on, back in September, by some sort of virus, and that the fatigue is an ongoing symptom of that which will eventually resolve….

Time will tell!  🙂


2 thoughts on “UPDATED Summary of blood tests to date…

  1. Pat

    I went through most all of those tests 15 years ago when fatigue did not resolve itself after pneumonia. My heart goes out to you during this period of not knowing.

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