Full Disclosure: A Bad Day…


In the interest of “full disclosure,” I want to document that I was grumpy yesterday afternoon.  I was not rejoicing in the “gift of fatigue”!

I was grumpy because I had gone for the previous two days with no nap…but not by my choice, this time!  I had simply overscheduled myself…because there were people I hadn’t seen in months that I wanted to see, and because I thought I could “handle” it…..

I was grumpy because I was tired for not having napped for those two days….

I was grumpy because it was a beautiful, beautiful Spring afternoon, and my kids were home, and there were so many things we could do (both “work” and fun!)…but I knew that I really, realllllly needed to sleep….

I was grumpy because I slept for two glorious hours…and yet even so did not want to get up when it was time to get up.  My body was desperately clamoring for more sleep…after having slept for two freakin’ hours!…

So many things to feel grumpy about….

But only three things to be grumpy “at”…and there names are Sarah, Ryan, and John.  😦 😦   I’m sorry, precious children of mine!!!  (and yes, I’ve apologized to them in person).

I’ve called this “the gift of fatigue”…and in the big scheme of things that will always be true….

But yesterday I was having a hard time seeing it.

I’m going to go lie down now, for two more glorious hours.  🙂


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