Another medical update


Briefly…I saw Dr. Madhavi Garimella this evening (3/27), an endocrinologist here in Los Alamos (as a side note, I liked her a lot!  Very personable, very thorough, seemed to be very knowledgeable.).  After reviewing my chart, listening to me describe what’s been going on, and doing a quick but thorough physical exam, she seemed to be of the opinion (as am I!) that nothing too terrible is going on, and that whatever is going on (likely brought on by something viral) will, eventually, resolve!  🙂

She did give me a lab order to have a few more blood tests done–to check the following levels:  T3 and T4 (thyroid-related), vitamin D, vitamin B12, FSH and LH (hormones), and cortisol (hormone related to the adrenal glands); and to check for celiac disease.  Her expectation is that the results of all of those tests will be within the normal range, and I will just have to continue to let the fatigue run its course.

She asked if I felt like I’ve made progress since this all began, and I told her that I am feeling MUCH better than I was in, say, October and November, that I’ve definitely made progress, albeit slowly.  She smiled and said, “Hold on to that!  And rest when you need to.  You’ll get better.”  I kind of wanted to say, “I don’t need to ‘get better’–I can be well in the midst of this…. I just don’t have the energy I used to….”  But I didn’t.  Those thoughts are still being formulated within me….  Sometime I will get them formulated well enough, and written down, and will be ready to share them…. But not quite yet.  🙂  

I will add a new post once I’ve had the blood work done and received the results, but I, too, am expecting that everything will be “normal.”  Now, it’s time for me to go to bed.  🙂


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