The newest headache!


So, I’ve gone gluten-free for two weeks now, and you might think that that, in and of itself, would be my “newest headache.”  In fact, it is NOT.  That hasn’t actually been as awful as I was anticipating!  I do miss eating bread, crackers, scones, coffee cake, crusts from my kids’ unfinished sandwiches, etc., whenever the mood strikes and/or the opportunity presents itself.  BUT, it has actually been a great opportunity to try some new recipes, whether specifically gluten-free or just “happenstance” (i.e., “regular” recipes without any “gluten-full” ingredients)!  And I probably have been eating more healthily(?) in general–more fruits, more veggies, fewer processed snacky things….

No, the newest headache I’ve been dealing with is just that–a headache!!  Well, to be more accurate, lots of them.  Ugh.  Seems like they’re occurring almost daily these days.  Not the excruciatingly painful, migraine-esque kind, thankfully, but the kind that you wake up with and that just stays with you alllllllll day.  I joked with a friend that perhaps I was going through gluten withdrawal*… and then I wondered if there actually could be anything to that!  After doing a quick Google search, guess what?  It seems that some people actually do experience headaches, and/or a variety of other symptoms, when they “quit gluten” cold turkey!!  Whaddya know??  The fun never ends!!

So, I really cannot tell yet whether the absence of gluten in my diet will have any effect on my fatigue (there’s been no noticeable change yet, but I’ve been told it generally takes a few weeks before any change would be noticeable…), but I really am not liking what seems to be its effect on the rest of me!  I’ll give it another couple of weeks, though….

And yes, God is still Good!  🙂


*I am also willing to consider the possibility that this increase in the frequency of headaches that I’m experiencing could be related to my having done too much over the last 2+ weeks, with Spring Break then Sarah’s birthday then Easter, plus Ryan and John starting baseball last week and each practicing two nights each week (two different nights!)…. Perhaps my body is saying, “Too much!  Too much!  You may be well but you still do not have as much energy as you think you do!”  ??????


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