A couple of weeks ago, on April 8, it was suggested to me by a medical professional (an MD, who also happens to be a good friend!) that I might try going gluten-free for a month to see if that helps with the fatigue.  Now, it just so happens that she and I were out socializing when she suggested it, and in fact, we had met at a local brewpub to celebrate her birthday!  I had already decided to get a big ol’, juicy green chile cheeseburger, and my mouth was already watering for it, when she told me I should try going gluten-free….”What?? Does that mean I can’t get the bun with my burger??”  “Nah.  Just start tomorrow.”  🙂  And so I got the bun, and enjoyed it even more than I would have otherwise, knowing it was the last one I would be eating for a while….

But I did start the next day, even though it was the middle of Spring Break, even though I knew that my family and I would be heading down to Albuquerque for a few days later in the week, and staying in a hotel where they have the best, gooiest, almost-Cinnabon-esque cinnamon rolls on their breakfast buffet…that I wouldn’t be able to eat!…and where we’d be eating out at least once at a New Mexican restaurant where they serve delicious, warm, pillow-like sopapillas…that I also wouldn’t be able to eat!…..  But hey, it was better for my waistline, anyway, right?  And besides, I’m always up for a good challenge!  And I decided that starting a gluten-free diet while on a Spring Break trip would be as good a challenge as any!  🙂

And so on April 9, 2014, I began….. I figured I might as well give it a try!  Stay tuned to hear how it has been….  🙂



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