My 2015 No-Fail New Year’s Resolutions


Sometimes I make New Year’s resolutions, sometimes I don’t.  When I do make them, I usually only keep them for a little while, if at all!  This year I decided to make a list of resolutions that I could keep.

Here is my list of “No-Fail New Year’s Resolutions”:

1.  I resolve to lose weight.  I will wear lighter clothes.

2.  I resolve to get more exercise.  I will get up and walk to the TV to turn it on and off instead of using the remote; I will read actual books so that I have to use my whole arm to turn the pages rather than using our Kindle which allows me to only use one finger; and when I go out to eat, I will park at the far end of the parking lot.

3.  I resolve to eat more foods that are healthier for me.  I will put walnuts in all of the chocolate chip cookies I make, and I will refrain from putting frosting on any cupcakes I make, thereby making them muffins.  And I will eat more of both.

4.  I resolve to spend more time with my children, and enjoy every moment.  Each night I will go into their bedrooms and read stories.  Adult stories.  Quietly.  After they’re asleep.  And I will enjoy.every.moment.

5.  I resolve to spend more time with my husband.  I will go to bed earlier, and since he likes to go to bed when I do, he will, too.  Not only will we both get more sleep, but I will be spending more time with him.  Whether he likes it or not.

6.  I resolve to use fewer swear words.  I have found that my favorite is really quite versatile.  I will use that one, and only that one, over and over and over again. 

7.  I resolve to make fewer charges on my credit card.  I will use my husband’s.

8.  I resolve to be less critical of others.  I will stay home more, making chocolate chip cookies with walnuts and walking to and from my TV, thus having less contact with others, thus having far fewer opportunities to be critical of them.

9.  I resolve to deepen my faith.  When I’m out and about, I will be praying for parking spaces at the far end of the parking lot.  I’m confident that those prayers will be answered, thus strengthening my belief that God does, in fact, answer prayer, and this will, without a doubt, deepen my faith.

10.  I resolve to find the humor in life, laughing more and helping those around me do the same….  Hoping I got a good start on this one with this list!  🙂

Happy New Year’s to you all!  And may you, too, come up with a resolution or two, or ten!, that you can keep!


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