“‘Twas the Night(mare!) Before Christmas…”


‘Twas the Night(mare!) Before Christmas…

“‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house

not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…”


the microwave was sparking, the faucet was leaking,

her cell phone had died, and the dryer was squeaking;

the windshield was cracked, she was feeling drained,

the pet mouse had died (which is why it was no longer stirring!), and the carpet was stained;

there was too much homework, the bathtub was grimy,

the cheese was moldy, and the spinach was slimy;

the car horn was broken, the lawn had turned yellow,

a shingle was loose, her thighs shook like jello!

The kids’ pants had somehow all gotten too short,

and arguing with each other seemed her boys’ favorite sport;

the gutters were leaking, leaving big, icy spots;

she meant to have them fixed…but her memory was shot;

outside their home, too, there were problems galore–

lives shattered by violence, greed, hatred, and more….

Just dealing with their stuff would plunge them into debt;

add the rest, and she’d easily plunge into despair!  

And yet…

There was a smile on her face more often than not–

Was she crazy? Had her mind simply gone to pot??

That might very well be (that, or widespread denial!)

or maybe, she still could find reasons to smile–

Sparkling snow on tree branches, as one wintry example;

and in the midst of grocery shopping, finding yummy free samples!

Birds snacking at the feeder, kids getting along,

her daughter singing in the shower her favorite song;

real cream in strong coffee, local honey in her tea,

precious moments in her schedule to stop doing and simply be;

good friends with whom she could laugh, cry, and talk,

and in sun, snow, or wind, with whom she could walk;

clean sheets for her bed, dried on the clothesline;

at the end of a long day, a small glass of wine

(or not so small, depending on how long the day has been!);

the soaring flight of a hawk, the scent of wet leaves,

the chance to offer comfort to my dear friend who grieves;

hearing one child’s nighttime prayers and the fears of another,

giving thanks for the privilege of being a mother….

Life is not always easy, she’s come to realize,

but perhaps an easy life isn’t really the prize;

trying sometimes brings failure, loving sometimes brings pain,

saying no sometimes helps with the quest to stay sane!

Living life can be messy, and things keep breaking, no doubt,

but Good’s always there, too, if she can just sort it out;

the goal is not for life to be easy or to”just be happy,” she’s come to think;

what matters more is paying attention ‘cuz it’ll all be over in what seems like a blink!

Perhaps what matters, too, is knowing, in the midst of the broken stuff,

that somehow everything will be okay and that who you are is enough….

You may not be “perfect” in the eyes of the world, but you’re just right as you are–

you can’t be everything to everyone, but just be you and you’ll be a star!

Be you, and live this life you’ve been given as fully as you can,

accepting down deep in your soul you’ve been loved since before time began!

I think that’s part of what Christmas is about–the gift of God’s love for each person;

if only we could help people see their belovedness, surely things wouldn’t worsen!

That may not fix the leaks in our gutters or make our problems go away,

but it reminds us we’re not alone and gives us strength to face each day;

and so, with all that needs fixing in my life (and maybe in yours, too?),

I wish a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a deep sense of Belovedness to you!


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