To My Children On Mother’s Day!


To My Children On Mother’s Day

May 8, 2016

Dear children of mine, I want to say thank you–

Without you three, I wouldn’t be a MOTHER!

I’ve done lots of meaningful things in my life,

But being a mom is truly like no other.

From each moment when I learned you were inside my “tummy,”

I felt excitement like I never had before…

The consequent nausea, weight gain, and stretch marks

were a privilege rather than a chore!

Sort of…kind of…well, okay, not really at all!

But they were tolerable, knowing what they would bring!  🙂

Then you were born, the three most amazing (and simultaneously painful!) days of my life–

Each of you so beautiful, so perfect, so tiny!

Who would have guessed that such perfect little creatures

Could cry so loud, eat so much, and be so whiny??  🙂

Then you each came home and joined the family,

With my heart growing larger each time….

The sweet baby cuddles so easily overshadowing

The poopy diapers, projectile spit-up, and erratic sleep, all the time!

Well, most of the time…except for those times when they didn’t,

Which was, really, as I think back, a lot of the time!

Some of those poopy diapers were pretty darn gross,

the spit-up was pretty darn constant,

And to call the sleep erratic is generous at best!!…

But those sweet baby cuddles were pretty awesome!

I would definitely do it all over again….  🙂

Then you were growing, before my eyes,

getting bigger and stronger each day,

Learning new skills, like sitting and walking

And figuring out new words to say!

“What does a doggie say, Sarah?” “Wow-bow!”

“What do you want to drink, Ryan?” “pink ilk!”

“Do you want this cracker, John?” “Tank oo!”

Making me proud, from the time you were little,

which hasn’t changed in the least as you’ve grown–

Sometimes you’re so good, so lovely, so thoughtful,

I wonder if you’re really my own??

You went off to school, spending more time with others

Than you spent at home with me any more;

And I’d think, “I hope I’ve prepared you well…”

As I sent you out the door….

You all hopped on the bus, on your first day of school,

So excited you hardly looked back!

And I’d blink back the tears as I waved you off,

then I’d think, “Crap!  Did I remember to pack their snack??”  🙂

But you’re all doing great, in spite of my blunders,

Figuring out who you are as you grow–

Finding out what you like, what you don’t, what you’re good at,

What makes you happy, and where you might want to go….

There are times, I admit, that you all drive me crazy,

Taking pleasure in annoying each other;

there’ve been times when I’ve wondered just what we were thinking

When we decided to give Sarah a sister or brother!

And then we made that same decision again!

To give Sarah and her brother another sister or brother!


I guess we were caught up in those aforementioned sweet baby cuddles,

and, okay, I was just really, really loving being a mom!!

Then there are moments when I’m amazed at your kindness,

your concern for each other, your giggles

(I’ve been known to get frustrated, though, I’ll admit,

when those translate to uncontrollable-in-the-pew-wiggles!);

Your clothes may not always match, they may sometimes be wrinkled,

and these days we rarely eat supper at the table…

but your hearts are good, you’re growing in compassion,

and I’m pretty sure you’d help someone in need if you were able.

I cannot imagine my life without you–

All three of you, Sarah, Ryan, and John–

Yes, my life might be simpler in some ways,

But then I’d have to wash the dishes and mow the lawn!  🙂

I’ve learned more about life by being a mom–

how it can be messy, unpredictable, and complicated;

I’ve learned that there’s a lot that I don’t know,

And that some of my ideas just might be outdated!

I’ve become more patient and forgiving (I hope!),

And I’ve had to think about what really matters–

It is important to treat every person with respect, for example;

It’s not so important when a dish accidentally shatters.

And speaking of what matters, I hope with all my heart

that in the midst of all we’re sharing together,

you each know, deep down, beyond a shadow of a doubt,

you will always be loved, no matter the weather!

In sun, rain, and snow, hurricanes and tornadoes,

In seasons of storms and sunshine,

You’re loved without end, without condition, without limits,

Each moment of every day for all time!

So thank you, again, for being who you are,

And for giving me the honor of being your mother–

It’s been said it’s the toughest job that you’ll ever love…

And I would never, ever, ever trade it for any other!

Okay, well, maybe there’s been one moment, maybe even two, that I would have traded it

For being an acrobat in a circus–how fun would that be?!

(and like Sarah said, then my stomach wouldn’t be flabby!  Yep, let’s hear it for honesty!)

But with the exception of that one–at most two–moments,

NEVER!  🙂 🙂 🙂

I love each of you so much more

Than you will ever, ever know…..



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