To My Children’s Teachers: Thank You


May 25, 2016

To my children’s teachers….


‘Twas the night before Christmas–I mean, the last day of school!

The excitement’s just as high, summer vacation’s just as cool!–

But there we were, the night before…and all through the house,

All the creatures were stirring–all but the pet mouse

(who’d long since died, and been mourned and been buried,

And whose memory in all of our hearts was carried.);

The backpacks were emptied and hung in the closet,

In the recycling bin there’d been made great deposits!

The children were nestled all snug in their beds–

Wait, they weren’t nestled anywhere!  “We can stay up late tonight!” they’d said!

Oh, it’s going to be a long summer….

So Mom, in what may be her last moments of sanity,

Tried to put down in black and white (and free from profanity!)

Some words of thanksgiving for all her kids’ teachers,

Who impart such good life lessons, without being preachers!

So here goes….

“Thank you for your patience, all the year through!

For your kindness, and consistency, and yes, toughness, too!

My kids have learned lots, and not just about rocks,

Or division, or the Mayans, or how to stand in front of the class and talk;

They’ve learned about persistence, and character, and grace.

They’ve learned (hopefully) that when it comes to being funny, there’s a time and a place–

And math class is not the time OR the place!  🙂

You’ve all helped them learn that it’s important to care

About everyone, not just the ones with the perfect hair;

You’ve shown them it’s all right to make mistakes, we all do,

That that’s a big part of learning–although not always a fun one, that’s true;

You’ve shown them by example how to do the right thing,

And the rewards that hard work and perseverance can bring.

You’ve taught them so much more than the subjects you teach–

I doubt you’ll ever know how far your impact will reach;

You’ve demonstrated enthusiasm, you’ve modeled respect,

They’ve discovered the value of other types of intelligence, in addition to intellect;

They’ve been so very well served by the entire staff of the school,

And have had it deeply ingrained in them–though they’d never admit it out loud!–that learning is cool!!

Two of my three kids are all done now at Pinon,

And are moving on (one to the middle school, and one to the high school!), well-prepared and with the confidence to shout (or at least say to themselves!  🙂  ), “Bring it on!”

The third will still come back for a couple more years,

Thank goodness!  I’m not ready for my final good-bye and the accompanying tears!

But on this last day of school, ere the school year’s officially out of sight,

Thank you, thank you to you all, and to all a good…summer!!!”



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