I’m Deb, a former Methodist missionary, former school chaplain, former youth pastor, and an ordained minister currently serving full-time in the “ministry of motherhood”!  My husband and I have three delightful kids who often bring a smile to our faces, who occasionally cause us to want to pull out our hair in confusion and exasperation, and who always provide opportunities to express gratitude, for if it weren’t for them, we would not have been afforded this profoundly challenging and wondrous experience of being “Mommy” and “Daddy”! 🙂  To round out our family, we have a dog, a cat, three pet mice, and a seemingly ever-increasing population of fish!  We all work together to try to stay on top of things, and so far, even with those things that inevitably fall between the cracks, the world has not fallen off its axis!  Life is busy, full, and beautifully complex.  Sometimes we’re happy, sometimes we’re sad, sometimes we’re content, sometimes we’re mad…. But we keep on keeping on, day by day, muddling through with sincerity, honesty, forgiveness, and grace.  And most days–but not always–with a sense of humor!  And we’re making it work because–I believe–deep down, we know that above all and in all and beyond all, there is Love.  We are Loved.  And that makes all the difference.


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